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Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHt, CPE
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Laurel Ann has been an
Alternative Holistic Counselor for over thirty-five years using many modalities
in her readings.  She combines
Astrology, Advanced Numerology and  Tarot in her sessions. Her
clairvoyant  gifts have an intuitive balanced approach stemming from studies of Eastern and Western
metaphysical training and knowledge. Her  positive attitude toward  physical illnesses are
seen in your
aura.  Mental problems are interpreted from your current Astrological Profile.  Emotional
and aspects of the soul  DNA is integrated with metaphysical and practical solutions.  With these
unique abilities, she helps others
release fears, gain personal freedom and become consciously aware
of their own
higher purpose.  

Laurel Ann’s deep insights and guidance have helped many individuals, high risk youth, struggling parents
and spiritual therapy groups. She has many clients who have been return customers for over a period of
many years. New clients are always welcome.

Laurel Ann is a proficient and gifted communicator in many varied subjects.  She cares about people, their
needs and welfare.  She inspires trust and loyalty in those she counsels.  She always abides by the Law of
Confidentiality. Many of her clients are husband and wife, child or significant other. This information is
not shared with anyone but the individual requesting this information.  She is a teacher, speaker, writer
and professional counselor. People from all walks of life have been her teachers, thus she is non-
judgmental, compassionate, patient and a sincere listener. She also offers many
self help development,
high frequency hypnosis programs and hypnosis CD's
on this website.

Mv vision is to integrate knowledge and differentiate truth from illusion with defining solutions through
the understanding of the self with a complete perspective. Integral education is when you know “who you
are, where you are going and what is truth for you; defining problems will bring solutions as you enter  the
core of universal truth and where you fit into it.

I use a balanced approach stemming from studies of Eastern and Western philosophy, metaphysical
training and knowledge.  This gives a whole mind-body-soul analysis toward physical or mental illnesses
as seen in your aura and medical horoscope.  Emotional stress and aspects of the soul’s DNA/blueprint is
integrated with spiritual and practical solutions including natural remedies.  With these unique intuitive
abilities, I am able to help others release fears, gain personal freedom and become consciously aware of
their own higher purpose. I give intuitive answers for everyday life and practical solutions for your own

Educational psychology states that a learned person is one with a vision of unified knowledge. He does
not like being restricted to seeing things from one dimension. He prefers seeing things from multiple
dimensions and combines them into an integrated perspective. Laurel Ann Browne offers this knowledge
to you through the open door that you must first walk through to ask.
Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Hypnotherapist and Internet Entrepreneur

Arcane Esoteric Teaching, Disciple, Alice Baily, New York - 1970
Temple of Holy Tarot, BOTA, Kabalah, California - 1972
Summit University Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Keeper of the Flame, Disciple -1980
Universal Church of the Master, Ordained Minister – 1971
Rosicrucian Fellowship, Oceanside, California – Esoteric Mysticism/Medical Astrology - 1974
New York School of Astrology, Transformational Astrology – Professional Astrologer
Evolutionary Astrology – Green – Past Life Astrology, Certified - 2000
Pythagoras Numerology, Divine Triangle, Kabalah – Master Numerologist - 1975
International Association of Counselors & Therapists, Certified Hypnotherapy  CHt - 2000
State of Colorado, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, CAC III - 1994
CASA Advocate, 7th Judicial District of Colorado, Voices for Children 2004
International Network for Children & Families (INCF) – Certified Parent Educator - 2005
Whole Life Network (WLN) Board Member – 2002 – 2009
Connections Columnist – Health Communities
Cambridge Who's Who 2009 Professional of  the Year - Counseling and Therapy - Published
Cambridge Who's Who also recognized her as an expert resource in the field of Holistic Counseling
qualified for inclusion in the Top 101 Industry Experts - December 2009
Published in Remington Registry - 2009
NAPW -The National Association of Professional Women - Member 2011
America's largest professional women's association - Woman of Year 2012-13
The International Woman's Leadership Association 2012
Featured in Pro-files Magazines sponsored with Worldwide Branding-2014
Worldwide Who's Who Achievement Award - 2016
Classes and Workshops
Spiritual Study Groups – Cosmic Law - Teachings of the Ascended Masters
Numerology – Meaning and Destiny in Your Name
Angel Awareness and Meditation – How to Contact Your Personal Guardian Angel
Color Healing Therapy - Chakras
Crystal and Gemstone Uses and Healing Power
Astrology – Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
Medical Astrology – What is It and How to Use
Stress Management – Motivational
Cosmic Law and New Age Thought Explained
Shamanism – How to Create You Own Sacred Space – Medicine Wheel
Feng Shui - Home Clearing, Placement for Wellness, Prosperity

Articles on this website are free will cover all of the above subjects including, Mind Reality, Alternative
Health,  Higher Awareness, Hidden Mysteries and more.  Please sign-up to receive these Free Articles
and/or study courses.  Please come back often to see the latest updates and postings.  

Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHt, CPE
Visionary Counseling
Certified Holistic Counselor
Family Life's Strategy Coach
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